We started Life Theming as a way to keep the blues away after getting back from backpacking. Because we  couldn’t explore new countries, instead we started to explore a new theme every month.

It worked! Not only did help us feel like we were still exploring the world, it gave us a huge amount of other benefits:

  • More fun
  • More variety of experience
  • More spontaneity
  • More random adventures
  • Seeing our home town/city etc. in a new light each month
  • More vivid memories
  • Igniting curiosity and keeping us learning
  • More wonder and appreciation

Life Theming is easy, free and fun. You can do it on your own or with friends and family, so click here for a simple how to guide.

Or you could click here to join our community of Life Themers (also free), where we all have the same life theme every month and share our experiences. It’s collaborative so everyone can suggest upcoming themes and vote to make final decisions.

Enjoy Life Theming ☺

Adua (Adam & Joshua)

Get in touch…adua74@hotmail.co.uk