Welcome to Life Theming!

Life Theming is ongoing artwork, which blurs the lines between art and life. Our day-to-day life is the canvas and ‘Life Themers’ are the artists. It’s super-easy to get involved and everyone is welcome to join in.

To join in with creating this artwork, all you need to do is have a theme to play with and explore for each month, whether it’s ‘Monsters’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ or ‘Morse Code’. You can do this any way you’d enjoy – for example, you could listen to the playlist inspired by the theme, or go for a walk in a place linked to that theme, or cook a recipe that is inspired by it.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lobster Quadrille dance in 2018

‘Clouds’ virtual quiz in 2020

By focusing your attention on the theme you may well find that as well as contributing to the artwork your day-to-day life is more memorable, fun and rich in synchronicities (lovely little coincidences).

You can Life Theme on your own or with family and friends – simply choose your theme and play around with it! You can also join a friendly community of like-minded individuals who enjoy the same theme each month and share their ideas and experiences.

You can start straight away by contributing to the latest padlet found here and connecting with us on the website by clicking on the blue button below. The website is a playful addition to the artwork, where you can win points by doing quizzes, suggesting and voting for the next month’s theme and more.

There has been over 100 monthly ‘Life Themes’ since 2013, and the photos below capture a few of the delightful moments that have been created as part of the artwork. Enjoy life, enjoy Life Theming!

‘Unicorns’ in Brighton Pride, 2017

Life Theming is one of Adua’s (Adam and Joshua’s) creative projects. Click for our manifesto!