Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Birds‘. Please share your suggestions on the app!

Roast Chicken

It may seem that just popping a chicken into a hot oven will suffice for a roast dinner, but here are a few tips and tricks to get the best out of a roast chicken dinner… And remember that tofu shaped liked a chicken has a very similar impact!


Bird’s Custard (and recipes)

A nostalgic treat perhaps, and this might be a good month to try it in new ways, as an ingredient in Nigella’s custard sponge , Ruby’s creme brulee and Linda’s sweet corn pudding


Nuts and Seeds

Why not dine like a dodo, eat like an eagle or feast like a flamingo and peck at a few healthy nuts and seeds as a side accompaniment to a main, or an in between snack.  They can be chewed independently or tossed on any salad or sauce to add a crunch to your meal.


Game pie

You can’t get a food any more related to birds, outside of the Sunday roast option, than a Game pie – consisting of meat from different wild birds in a succulent gravy or sauce.  *Do check the ingredients of the pie before buying – some contain other mammals.  And also remember there are plenty of quality game-esque vegan options out there!