Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘In Between‘. Please share your suggestions on the app!

‘In Between’ Snacks

Here is a list of ideas for snacks and small bites to eat in between meals.  Quick and easy to make, and designed not to ruin your appetite, ideas range from popcorn, guacamole and fitness bars.


Suffolk Fraze

Described as ‘halfway in between a pancake and an omelette’, this is good month to try this traditional East Anglian recipe



‘Between the Sheets’ Cocktail

A simple-to-make and apparently sexy and delicious cocktail that we’ll be trying this month…


Two tortillas with cheese and sometimes other fillings in between… Traditionally made with Mexican Oaxaca cheese, these work great with Cheddar, mozzarella, fake vegan cheese…


Sandwich workshop

This isn’t my memory, but someone very close to me told me of his childish days when his mother would set up a feast of ingredients every Friday evening, and lay on a pile of bread slices and call it a ‘sandwich workshop.’  Ideal for what can go in between, why not experiment with different ingredients and make a few original sandwiches for your own workshop.  

Rosé wine

Come home from a hard day at work, and instead of popping the cork of a usual red or white, why not go in between the two and try a rosé wine?  Here is a guide to the different styles and tastes from the blush to the Grenache.