Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Gothic‘. Please share your suggestions on the app!

Charcoal Ice-Cream

As black as Dracula’s cloak or Siouxsie Sioux’s eyeliner, this unusual black ice-cream is flavoured and coloured with activated charcoal.


Black martini

Sink into the depths of this martini with a dark, black twist.  Perfect for any gothic event or just for any dark night in alone….


Squid ink pasta

A pasta with a striking, shimmering appearance with a slight hint of sea in its flavour.  This dramatic pasta can be bought ready-made, or home made if preferred.



Ghoul Graveyard Cake

Nigella calls this her ‘meisterwork’ and created it for Hallowe’en fun, but it’s gothic setting and deep, dark icing makes it perfect for Gothic January.


Nigella's Graveyard Cake-5bd5f6cbc8c65

Squid ink bread

Here’s a recipe to make bread as black as a gothic night with squid ink.  If you have a bread maker, you can add other ingredients and toppings for extra flavour, crunch and texture.  But the colour will give the desired goth effect.


Greene King Black IPA

Available in many supermarkets and pubs across the country, this Greene King IPA is not only a dark and goth-looking black colour, but also tastes quite delightful.


Black Garlic

Normal garlic heat-aged until it loses its pungency, turns to black caramel and has the consistency of dried fruit. Perfect for snacking on while watching Dracula… 

Black Rice

This gothic-looking superfood is also known as ‘forbidden rice’ because it used to be reserved for Chinese emperors to ensure their health and longevity.

Black Ramen Noodles

It’s amazing what a little squid ink can do to any mundane meal.  Take a cup of ramen noodles, squeeze a little of the ink and instantly you have a goblet of gothic broth. Click on the gothic trend site here for ideas – it’s worth it just to see the spider diagram come to life before your eyes.

Charcoal Cheddar

Love cheese?  This is the place to find many different types of cheeses and events, including the blackened charcoal cheddar – perfect for any gothic dining experience or just a little dark treat to have on a cracker by yourself.