Step 1

Choose a theme.

It could be anything you’re passionate about or intrigued by, as broad as ‘art’ or as specific as ‘zebras’.

Step 2

Theme your life.

Choose an amount of time to have this theme as your life theme. We recommend a month, giving 12 themes a year. Here are some ways you can theme your life:

  • Watch films, TV shows and other videos related to this theme.
  • Listen to music related to this theme.
  • Have experiences related to this theme.
  • Eat foods related to this theme.

See here for examples from the Life Themers group.

Step 3

Share with others.

You can share your Life Theming fun and adventures on social media with the hashtag #lifetheming or #____lifetheme (for example, zebraslifetheme). You might inspire others to try your theme!


Step 4

Record your best bits.

Before moving on to the next theme, reflect on the best bits of that theme. Did you learn to love a new song? Find a new favourite film? Have a great moment you want to record? Tried a delicious new food? By recording these, we build up a treasure trove of unique and random things that Life Theming has brought into our lives,


It is even more fun to theme your life with others, so see if you can get your family or friends to join in.¬†Also, if you would to be part of a community that has the same theme each month, you can see what we’re getting up to here and you can join us for free