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Walking in between Brighton & Hove: Boundary walk

This month, we will be walking in between the parishes of Brighton (BN1) and Hove (BN3) along the boundary passage.  We will meet at the Hill Top Cafe (very top of Dyke Road – 27 bus goes nearby) at midday on Saturday 23rd February, finishing at the Peace Statue on the seafront.  On the way, we will be finding nearly attractions and events close to the border and stopping off for a refresher at the Good Companions Pub. 



In between buildings

A friend, and a Life Themer, has decided to go round town and take snapshots of the areas in between buildings.  She has come up with some amazing pictures of great patterns and colours meeting – detail that we walk past everyday, and now have a chance to notice more.  The in between spaces are often overlooked, but perhaps if you look out for them next time you’re out and about, you may see some great things…



Learn about Limbo

Limbo, Purgatory, the In-Between – the world between this one and the next is a fascinating idea to explore. See Watch for a great film about it called ‘Afterlife’. Also,  you can read Dante’s description of Purgatorio here and learn about Rainbow Bridge here (that always makes Adam and Josh cry imagining our old Guinea Pig Bubs waiting for us!) 


Play ‘In Between’ Card Game

This is a great game. Also, known as Acey-Deucey, this casino-style game is very easy to pick up and addictive. If you use Jenga blocks as the ‘chips’ then you can combine two games in one… Also, interesting to notice how the bank always wins so a good game to demonstrate why casinos are not good places to spend your time…