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Cemetery Photo Shoot

This month, we will be meeting at Woodvale crematorium (on Lewes/Bear roads) at 2pm on Saturday 19th January to conduct our very own gothic photo shoot.  If you fancy getting dressed up (preferably in black) we’ll have some make up & props to create an unforgettable Life Theming experience.  Please do get in contact if you’d like to join us.



Get to know Gothic literature

What is gothic literature?The British library provide a wealth of pages to help us understand some of the Gothic traditions in literature and their influence osociety over the years.


Go to a goth night

If living in a large enough town or city, you’ll probably be able to find a pub or bar that specialises in all things of darkness and goth.  Here in Brighton, The Caroline of Brunswick pub is putting on a goth night last Saturday of January.  If you can’t find one, create your own 🙂


Wear black make-up

Want to look goth?  Simple: apply some black make-up, wear black clothing and keep a morose expression as you glide through town.  Recommended make-up ranges from eye liner to lipstick and black nail polish.



Visit gothic buildings

Pointed arches, delicate decorations, flying buttresses, gargoyles, beautiful stained glass… these are all typical in gothic architecture and can be found in churches, town halls and even skyscrapers…



Spot the goth game

Here’s an idea if you’re bored or have an hour to kill one day this month; why not sit in the centre of your local town and see how many goths you can spot.  Not sure how to recognise a true goth?  This website will give you a few pointers.  Happy counting!



Have a Gothic Dinner Party

Black-as-night food or something vampiric like beetroot soup, a gothic playlist, everyone sat in candlelight, dressed in black, perhaps a gothic poetry reading…