Unicorns: Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Unicorns’. Please share your suggestions below…

Proud Unicorns!

We visited Miniature & Moss with friends on the morning of Brighton Pride to get ‘unicorned’ up.  Then as a ‘pride’ of unicorns (apparently, the official term is a ‘blessing’ but we don’t know who decides!), we all watched the rainbow parade standing on tables outside Presuming Ed’s cafe on London Road. 

The Unicorn Line

Similar to ‘The Slug Line’ to Crawley, we decided to name the unique Littlehampton to Bognor Regis train line the ‘Unicorn line’ as we were heading to the Unicorn pub there and listened to Aurelie Voltaire’s unicorn riding song as we rode the train (see ‘Listen‘).


Unicorn pubs in Sussex, Kent and Scotland

First, we visited the Unicorn pub in Bognor Regis for a spot of pool, then the Unicorn in Canterbury for a coffee in the sunny garden, then the Unicorn in Marden for tapas, then the Lion and Unicorn near Stirling to chat to locals and sit by the log fire…

See the Unicorn Tapestries

The real ones were bought by Rockefeller and can be seen at the Guggenheim. We were happy to see the reproductions at Stirling Castle, their original home. Full of interesting symbolism, details and very beautiful.


Make a Unicorn Sculpture

We used wood from Polloch and strontium from Strontian in the highlands to make this unicorn head to sit in the garden at our Dad and Ann’s house.


Unicorns for kids…

We met our 3-year-old niece who was already a big unicorn fan. She had 15 unicorn dolls, the unicorn headband, a rocking unicorn and was going to dress up a pony as a unicorn for a show. She didn’t want to be photoed but let J try the rocking unicorn!


Floating on a Unicorn

Adam was very happy with Joss the inflatable unicorn for fun in Joss Bay, Kent. 


Unicorns: Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to ‘Unicorns’. Please share your suggestions below…

The Last Unicorn

An unusual and imaginative story, with wonderful landscapes and a great cast including Angela Lansbury and Mia Farrow. A little slow at times, but overall a touching and memorable film.

Blade Runner

Unicorns only feature in this film in two quick shots. However, they hold the key to the big plot twist in the last moments. If you haven’t seen this, it’s a brilliant film for many reasons so highly recommended!

The Unicorn in Captivity

A short documentary about the history of the unicorn tapestries, replicas held in Stirling castle.  The symbolism of the unicorn has given this mythical creature an extra layer of interest for this month.

Unicorn City

Low-budget, geeky film with quite a few funny moments. It’s about a gamer who decides to set up his own utopian community, with people living as their avatars, but all doesn’t go as planned.

Unicorns: Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Unicorns’. Please share your suggestions below…

Unicorn Latte

Try making this magical looking, healthy and delicious drink made with dates, cashews and spirulina. It worked for us!


Unicorn Food

A smorgasboard of (all-natural) colourful spreads on bread that we ate for the unicorn Pride adventure. 

unicorn food

Unicorn Cake

Thanks Dora & Co for the delicious and beautiful unicorn cake complete with marzipan ‘alicorn’ (horn) and rainbow mane.


Unicorn Toast

Like painting a picture for breakfast and then eating it. Spirulina, beetroot juice and turmeric create the colour in the cream cheese. 


Unicorn Beer

Brewed in Tonbridge, Kent, and on tap at the Unicorn pub in Marden, this was nutty, tangy and smooth – but more of a winter beer than an August one.


Lion & Unicorn Lager

This was a nice find in the Lion & Unicorn pub in Thornbridge, Stirling. Nice logo, although it tasted like a typical old-school lager.


Unicorn horn meringue

Had a delicious set menu lunch at Kilcamb restaurant in Strontium, Scotland and delighted to find this little unicorn horn looking desert amongst a platter of lemon treats.


Unicorns: Listen

Here are the things we are listening to related to ‘Unicorns’. Please share your suggestions below…

Nick Gage & Tara Trude – Uni the Unicorn

After searching unicorn songs, this one immediately caught our attention!

Pandora Boxx – Unicorn

A bit saucy but perfect as a pre-pride giggle with our mate, Babs.

Aurelio Voltaire – Riding a black unicorn

The perfect song to accompany our train journey to visit the Unicorn pub in Bognor Regis on the unique ‘Unicorn line’ (Littlehampton to Bognor).

Ingrid Lukas – Unicorn

An eerie sounding song, that seemed to fit perfectly as we walked up Bognor high street and saw “dragons and angels in the door” of a shop (see ‘Experience’).

Poom – My Licorne & Me

Adam went to Dieppe for the weekend with friends, prompting us to wonder what the french for ‘unicorn’ was. It’s ‘licorne’ and here’s a song we found to go with it!

Rhapsody of Fire – Forest of Unicorns

As we searched for the tapestry of unicorns in Stirling castle (see ‘Watch’) we listened to this song with its legendary and medieval sound matching the castle environment perfectly.

Bill Anderson – The Unicorn

Ever wondered why there aren’t any unicorns in sight?  This song gives a fair explanation – a song we listened to with dad as we made a unicorn sculpture for his Scottish garden (see ‘Experience’)

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