Underground – Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to the ‘Underground’. Please share your suggestions below…

London Underground Day

Come and join us on Saturday 29th September for a fun-filled day exploring the amazing network of tunnels and some random stops on London’s tube.  Please let us know in advance if you’d like to join in. Hope to see you then!


Find an underground bar/cafe near you

Whether it be actually built underground, or there’s a room in the basement, why not experience being under the ground next time you visit a local pub or cafe.  Maybe you’ll find out some interesting local history about it while you’re down there.


Explore Brighton’s sewer works

Every year, between May to September, you can take a guided tour around Brighton’s underground sewers.  Built in the Industrial age, the brickwork tunnels are a majestic example of the Victorian’s practical and efficient work (it was built in 5 years to last 500).  Contact Southern Water to book your place.


Underground book, by Suelette Dreyfuss

Here’s a book if you’re interested in reading about tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the Electronic Frontier in the 80s/90s, featuring research by Julian Assange and exploits of the black hat hackers.


Research Local Underground Secrets

Most towns, cities and villages have secrets lurking under the surface, whether hidden illuminati tunnels in Hertford, pagan temples in the City of London or and underground city below Corsham. Enjoy discovering what’s near you.


Find and enjoy some ‘underground’ culture

could be some subversive street art, a spoken word poetry night, or a counterculture graphic novel – whatever it is, find something lurking beneath the mainstream…


Silver Vaults, Chancery Lane

From antique silver spoons to candlesticks, silver wine coasters to cocktail shakers you’ll find a whole treasure trove of silver in this underground vault near the City of London.


Find your nearest cave

All over the world, there are caves and caverns to be explored well beneath the surface of the Earth…


Underground – Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to the ‘Underground’. Please share your suggestions below…


🎬…We’re all crazy, Natalija. We just haven’t been diagnosed yet…🎬

Tube Tales

🎬…Every day, 2.5 million people go underground. A mass of humanity…..🎬

Secrets of Underground Britain

🎬…Many believed the plague broke out here and [the Edinburgh government] bricked up hundreds of pox-ridden souls beneath the streets…🎬

City of Ember

🎬…The main thing is to pay attention. Pay close attention to everything, notice what no one else notices. …..🎬

Underground (1928)

🎬…a witty, highly imaginative piece of (silent) film-making by a director now largely regarded as an efficient craftsman….🎬

Daleks Invasion Earth 2150

🎬…human beings are turned into the underground slaves of the world’s dictators…🎬

The 15 Billion Pound Railway

🎬…Underneath the streets of London, an army of 10,000 engineers is building a brand new subterranean railway….🎬

The Wombles

🎬…It’ll be mealtime in 10 minutes Orinoco; you can have a double helping for working so hard…🎬

Underground – Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to the ‘Underground‘. Please share your suggestions below…


Traditional Maori feast, baked underground in a pit.  Contains sweet potato and other treats like stuffing and lamb.


Underground Cocktail

Whether the barman Chad Arnholt of the Back Bay Social Club in Boston Massachusetts named this cocktail because of prohibition, or because the spirits lay under the champagne, here is an underground cocktail sure to hit the spot.


Root Vegetables

Celeriac, potatoes, swedes, turnips, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes and many more…  a delicious range to be tried in many recipes and particularly roasted.

images (2)


Appararently, impossible to cultivate and so they have to be sniffed out by pigs or dogs in the wild. A great month to enjoy this delicacy!

images (3)

London Underground Cake

Simple, yet highly iconic, why not theme a cake with a London underground station name and logo?  Especially if you’re due to move or travel through it that day…


Underground Kombucha Beer

So this might be over in British Colombia, Canada but worth knowing if you ever find yourself out that way, or it makes it over the Atlantic.  Beer that is plant based, and cans that are crushable are part of this underground beer’s novelty.


Peanuts (and Potatoes?)

Peanuts are officially the only fruit that grows underground, so worth chomping on this month in Reese’s Pieces or a nice Pad Thai or this peanut and potato cake recipe we’re going to be trying this month!



Quickly becoming popular worldwide, this tangy, spicy pickled cabbage from Korea was traditionally stored underground to keep cool in the summer months and defrosted for a fresh crunch in the winter. 


Underground – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to the ‘Underground‘.  Please share your suggestions below…

6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps

♫…I’ve got a head full of drought down here…♫

Sound of the Underground – Girls Aloud

♫…Water’s running in the wrong direction, got a feeling it’s a mixed up sign…♫

Underground – David Bowie

♫…It’s only forever, not long at all.  Lost and lonely.  That’s underground…♫

Going Underground – The Jam

♫…Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound…♫

Every Tube Statin Song – Jay Foreman

♫…High Barnet, Great Portland Street, Dagenham East, East Acton, Temple, Bounds Green…Bank….♫

Underground – Ben Folds Five

♫…Hand me my nose ring! (Can we be happy?) Show me the mosh pit!…♫

Grange Hill Theme – Alan Hawkshaw

♫…My gymnasium was never intended to be, and never will be, a sanctuary for slovenly characters, ratbags or apprentice scarecrows!”…♫

Barking – Ramz

♫..I might link my ting from Barking…7am in the morning…♫

Mansion House – The Gentleman Rhymer

♫…from that hottentot who gave me VD at the BBC…♫

Vauxhall Diva – Chris Difford

♫…the cat would never lick, she was a girl with a -…♫

Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

♫…For useless, twisting, our new technology.  Oh, now there is no sound for we all live underground…♫

Lambeth Walk – Pearly Kings & Pearly Queens

♫…Everything’s free and easy, do as you darn well pleasy…♫