Signs – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to Signs‘. 

The Sign – Ace of Base

♫…I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign…♫

Mary C Brown & The Hollywood Sign – Dory Previn

♫…The hollywood sign seems to smile, like it’s constantly saying “cheese”…♫

Signs – Five Men Electrical Band

♫…Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.  Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind…♫

Signs of Love – Moby

♫…Signs of love (I fly so high) Away we could run (then fall so low)…♫

Signs of Life – Arcade Fire

♫…Looking for signs of life, looking for signs every night…♫

Signs – Badmarsh & Shri

♫…do you know what purple means? Can you read the signs yet?…♫

Sign of the Times – The Belle Stars

♫…I realise now nothing is new…♫

Signs of the Times – Harry Styles

♫…welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearning your best clothes…♫

Show me a Sign – Modestep

♫…light up the sky above, if you’re with me now show me a sign…♫

No Matter What Sign You Are – The Supremes

♫…Can’t let astrology chart our destiny…♫

Wear Your Sign – Jason Mraz

♫…Heaven seems a wasted place, to never get a chance to grow there…♫

Encouraging Sign – The Twang

♫…the fact it’s on my pillow still is an encouraging sign…♫

Sign Your Name – Terence Trent D’arby

♫…I’d rather be in hell with you baby, than in cool heaven …♫

Vital Signs – Tame Impala

♫…You’ve gotta open up your mind and feel the love in your life…♫

Peace Sign – War

♫…Everybody was rocking have a good time, throwing out a peace sign …♫

Signs – Watch

Here are the things you could watch related to ‘Signs’.


🎬…There’s a monster outside my room.  Can I have a glass of water?…🎬


🎬…Does he think that Zodiac’s gonna send another code?…🎬

The Signal

🎬…Take a look at yourself: the perfect integration of human will and alien technology…🎬

Signature Move

🎬…and you like to eat beavers?…🎬

Signs & Wonders

🎬…We know that if Americans offer you money, it means they must be ashamed of something…🎬

Sign o’ the Times

🎬…If your body gets tired, keep dancing ‘cuz u gotta keep the blood flowing down 2 your feet…🎬

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

🎬I don’t think them billboards are very fair🎬


🎬…An infinite number of possibilities. An infinite number of choices…🎬

Signs – Taste

Here are the things you could taste  related to ‘Signs‘. 

Eat Foods Signifying Prosperity in the New Year

Food can be rich in symbolism and at New Year there are various foods that different cultures each to signify wealth and happiness, for example extra long noodles, or lentil stews (the lentils representing coins).


Create your own ‘Signature dish’

Think about your favourite cooking recipe or creation, and see if you an make it into your own ‘signature dish’


Smoke Signal cocktail

Another theme, another cocktail… this one has many varieties, many different recipes and this one we picked out for the interesting twist on Lapsang Souchong and a couple of bitters thrown in.


Most significant food in the UK is…

According to this website, the most significant foods of the UK are recorded on a list.  Have you tried them all?


Apples and Honey, signifying a sweet 2018

A traditional Jewish festive treat, the apples chosen for their healing properties and the honey to herald plenty of sweetness for the year ahead


Road Sign Cookies

Going on a road trip? Why not gobble ‘Give Way’, eat ‘Exit’ and nibble ‘No Entry’ with these custom cookies?


Foods for your Zodiac sign

Find out what foods and style of eating is suited to your own star sign!  Any surprises?


Signature drink

Create your own signature drink, or find a place serving their own signature drink that says something about the place or person making it.


Signs – Experience

Here are the things you could experience related to ‘Signs’. Please share your suggestions below…

Exploring Signs and Synchronicities (at the Signalman)

Our Life Theming social this month is going to the lovely Signalman Pub to discuss synchronicities (meaningful coincidences that seem to some like clear signs from the universe to follow some course of action or other). We’ll share our experiences of signs and synchronicities, and explore some of the theories behind synchronicities from people such as Jung and Chopra… Meet at 7.30 pm at The Signalman on the 25th January.


Learn some Sign Language

Think about words of phrases that are important to you, and learn how you’d say them in sign language. Video below shows ‘Life Theming’.

Know more about your Zodiac sign

From Leo to Libra, Aries to Aquarius – we all fall under one of the signs.  But what could they mean to us?


Find your favourite sign

Whether it be a shop, cafe or pub sign – can you locate your favourite sign in your local town centre?  Why not pop in the winning one and treat yourself to a trinket, coffee or drink.


Spot funny signs

Chalk board signs appear throughout the country.  Can you spot any funny boards this month?


Learn about Body Language

We are constantly giving off signs and signals that other people are subconciously reading. This month, we can find out more about these subtle signs…

Get to know a local sign artist and spot their signs

For example, Rachel Nicholls’ lovely signs are all over Brighton & Hove. Have you got a local sign artist?

sign rachel

Look for Signs of Spring

(Or Autumn, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere!) The days in Brighton are starting to lengthen and there’s a few daffodil shoots starting to push through…


Gods Own Junkyard

If you like neon signs, you’ll find Heaven.  Even if you didn’t think neon was your thing it will still blow you away.


What does your signature say about you?

Each person’s signature is a unique reflection of who they are.  This could be an opportunity to find out more about yours…