Gothic – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to ‘Gothic‘.  Please share your suggestions on the app!

Southern Gothic – Tyminski

♫…Blackbird on the old church steeple, Spanish moss hanging in the setting sun…♫

My Immortal – Evanescence

♫…you used to captivate me by your resonating light..♫

Gothic Queen – Mono Inc.

♫…give healing for this bleeding heart…♫

Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister

♫…In the silence of your room, in the darkness of your dreams…♫

Feeling Gothic – B-movie

♫…this melancholy it grows like a beautiful storm…♫

Atmosphere – Joy Division

♫…worn like a mask of self-hate, confronts and then dies…♫

Cuts you up – Peter Murphy

♫…Through the zero hour we’ll walk
We’ll cut the thick and break the thin..♫

Gothic Lolita – Emilie Autumn

♫…I’ve been dead a thousand years
And lived only two or three…♫

Gothic Road – Jackie Leven

♫…just like the dead boy said, love will tear us apart…♫

Funeral for a Friend – Elton John

♫…The roses in the window box have tilted to one side…♫

Southern Gothic – Ulver

♫…There’ s a sunken garden.  Love lies bleeding there…♫

Skeleton Tree – Nick Cave

♫…Fallen leaves thrown across the sky.  A jittery TV.  Glowing white like fire…♫

Vagabonds – New Model Army

♫…As the colours fade away from the Dusky sunset.  We roll for the darkness ahead…♫

Venetian Gothic – Straw Bear

♫…On the stairs a dizzy turn, saw me tumble down …♫

Spellbound – Siouxsie and the Banshees

♫…Following the footsteps of a rag doll dance, we are entranced…♫

Robin – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to ‘Robin‘.  Please share your suggestions on the app!

His friends are more fond of Robin – Carly Simon

♫…Robin, I’ve never told you but I’ll be yours until we’re old…♫

Robin Hood – Frankie Laine

♫…Danger was his breakfast ev’ry day…♫

Fly Robin Fly – Silver Convention

♫…Up, up to the sky…♫

Rockin’ Robin – Michael Jackson

♫…he out-bopped the buzzard and the oriole…♫

Do you Hear the Robin’s Sing? – Dolly Parton

♫…And the astroturf that’s on your lawn stays green the whole year round…♫

Batman and Robin – Cazzi Opeia and Jin X Jin

♫…I had a dream I was making love to Bruno Mars…♫

Robin – Jon Lawrence

♫…he said he’d come back some sunny day, a robin to forever stay…♫

Brown Robin’s Confession – Steeleye Span

♫…The kevel fell on Brown Robyn, the master-man was he….♫

Robin – Finn Arild

♫…lying down below, a pussy cat so old, on the day the little robin learns to fly…♫

Robbin Hood – Cat Power

♫…big fat cat, biggest piece of the pie…♫

Robin Hood – Steeleye Span

♫…they fought till blood in streams did flow…♫

Modern Robin Hood – Chas ‘n’ Dave

♫….Now years ago there was a man that everybody loved…♫

Robin – Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Robins‘. Please share your suggestions on the app!

Robin gingerbread biscuits

It’s that time of year again to make some festive gingerbread biscuits, and what better shape than a red breasted robin?  The hundreds & thousands and chocolate buttons are sure to be a hit for Christmas cheer.



Robin cocktail

Here’s a cocktail with a difference – see the special ingredients in the notes below the recipe.  I also like the comment about the robin bird, cited by Casper Huang, the inventor of the drink.




Robins just love these but they are totally edible for us as well. In fact, in some cultures in the world they are a normal part of people’s diet. Makes a change from pigs in blankets and could make mulled wine more interesting too.



Roly Poly Robins from Hotel Chocolat

There’s loads of chocolate robins out there, but these look amazing! Made out of caramel chocolate with raspberry redbreasts….


Rocky Robin Cake

Here’s a chance to spruce up a traditional Christmas cake by adding a couple of little robins and a try branch upon the icing to round off any Yuletide meal.


Robin Hood Chicken

As the website states, who knows how this dish got its name attributed to the beloved outlaw, but one can imagine he and his merry men tucking into a leg or wing with its special marinade on top.


Smartie Robin

Not as decadent as Hotel Chocolat but still a sweet little way to have a robin-themed treat this month. The redbreast is filled with mini-smarties…


Robin’s Pie and Mash

Traditional pie and mash shops in East London from a family restaurant chain that’s been going for five generations.


Robin – Watch

Here are the things you could watch related to ‘Robins‘.  Please share your suggestions on the app!

Robin Hood

🎬…There’s been whispers…of a thief…🎬

Christopher Robin

🎬…But it’s not stress. It’s Pooh…🎬

The Fury

🎬…what a culture can’t assimilate, it destroys, Robin…🎬

Round Robin – British documentary

🎬…I’ve got my people trained to plant shrubs that have lots of berries!…🎬

Batman (TV series)

🎬…Holy here we go again, Batman…🎬

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

🎬…There are no perfect men in the world; only perfect intentions…🎬

Who killed Cock Robin?

🎬…Hello Judgie, I’m Jenny Wren – I wanna see justice done…🎬

Robin Redbreast

🎬…urban sophisticate Norah seeks refuge in a remote house in the country…🎬

Robin – Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Robin’Please share your suggestions on the app…

Robin Safari on Christmas Eve

At 2pm on Christmas Eve we’ll meet at the Garden Cafe in St Anne’s Well Gardens. After a cuppa we will be going on a robin safari around the Gardens and Boddhavista Buddhist Centre to spend time with these amazing little birdies – with a festive drink to follow at the Robin Hood Pub.


Visit a Robin Hood Place

There are hundreds of places connected to the Robin Hood legend. Of course Nottingham and Sherwood Forest are the main ones, but there’s also Robin Hood’s Bay near Whitby, Robin Hood’s Barrow near Bournemouth,  Robin Hood’s Arbour in Berkshire and many more…

robin arbour

Learn to be a round robin

Why are robins associated with Christmas?  Find out here.  So as you fly around the town delivering Christmas cards, you can become a traditional round robin…

robin xmas card post

Read a famous Robin Auto/Biography

Robin Williams… Robin Wright…. Robin Van Persie… Robin Gibb – there’sno shortage of famous Robins in history and the entertainment world you can find out more by reading their biography or things about them on the Internet.


Visit Robin Hood’s Bay

Although tucked up in the north-easter corner of the UK, this little beach and community boasts many things to do and see within a picturesque vista on the north-east coast – well worth a trip/holiday.


Read about robins

There are many books, both fact and fictional from children’s to encyclopaedic, about the nation’s favourite bird.  Why not go into your local bookshop and see what you can find to learn or delve into a story about our little redbreast friend.


Create a robin

Create a new robin with whatever materials you prefer (paints, Fimo, food…) and keep it as a decoration for all year round or every Christmas…


Make a treat for your robin neighbours

Roll up mealworms, fat, seeds, cheese and other treats to make a ball that will help robins stay nourished throughout the winter…