Pomegranates – Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Pomegranates‘. Please share your suggestions below…

Pomegranate-Rose Milk Pudding

A beautiful sweet dish inspired by North African and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. Try the recipe.


Ash-e Anar

A tangy, warming pomegranate and herb soup from Persia. Try this recipe.

Ash-e Anar-TurmericSaffron

Muhammara dip

A delicious, savoury-but-fruity accompaniment to breads, salad and raw veggies. 


Old Mout Cider: Strawberry & Pomegranate flavour

Maybe a little too sweet for some, but refreshing nonetheless.  Serve in a tall tumbler of ice for best effect.


Pomegranate bonfire toffee

Swap traditional treacle for pomegranate molasses, and you can have a unique fruity toffee for Guy Fawkes.  Our offering may have been a little burnt, but get the right timing and this toffee will crackle as the fireworks pop.


Pomegranates – Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to ‘Pomegranates’. Please share your suggestions below…

The Colour of Pomegranates

An acclaimed Armenian film about folklore and poetry.

Pomegranate by Ameer Hogg

A short film celebrating the ‘seeds’ in the Pomegranate of Granada (the many talented people living in the city). ‘Granada’ is Spanish for Pomegranate.

Nigella Lawson’s Pomegranate Meringue Mountain

Nigella loves pomegranates, and we love Nigella! Here’s one of her recipes with her gushing, as she does, about one of her favourite fruits.

Persephone & the Pomegranate myth

A short and engaging animated tale about how the season of winter came to be, according to the Greek myth of Persephone.

Pomegranates – Listen

Here are the things we are listening to related to Pomegranates‘.   Please share your suggestions below…

Pomegranate – Transglobal Underground

♫…when I rise up in the morning and I look through my window… when the sun rises high in the sky…♫

Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour – Mary Crowell

♫…formerly known as Persephone Dear, flowers won’t keep her, nor mother’s nagging tear…♫

No video for the song but here’s the Spotify link.

Close but no Cigar – Weird Al Yankovic

♫…had a body hotter than a habanero… she had lips like a ripe pomegranate…♫

Here We Go – Ozomatli

♫…In outer space I’ll feed you pomegranate…♫

Pomegranate – Ye Vagabonds

♫…dark and delicate I’ll try to keep you all to myself…♫

Pomegranate Seeds – Julian Moon

♫…flora and fauna, how did you get your throne…?♫

Pomegranates – Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Pomegranates’. Please share your suggestions below…

Visit the Pomegranate Cafe in Seaford

There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the world called ‘Pomegranate’, and if you are local to Brighton, the nearest is a cafe in Seaford, which has great reviews for its food and atmosphere.


Pomegranate Christmas Decoration Making Evening

Come and join our Pomegranate social event at The Grenadier in Hangleton where we will be celebrating pomegranates and making special Christmas decorations featuring the fruit, ready for December… Who can work out the link between the word ‘Grenadier’ and ‘Pomegranate’  without using the Internet?


Find Pomegranates in the Art World

Dali, Boticelli, Picasso, Da Vinci and many other influential artists used pomegranates as in their art. It was even used in one of the earliest known Christian mosaics


Try pomegranate toothpaste

A sweet toothpaste is an unusual concept, but this is actually proving both refreshing and effective.


Create a Pomegranate Feast

Invite friends or family around for a meal inspired by pomegranates, the very versatile ingredient. See Taste for ideas of drinks and foods or invent your own.

pom feast

Try a ‘wonky’ pomegranate

Just this month, a leading supermarket has declared they will sell wonky looking pomegranates for a cheaper price – they must have known something about our theme!