Morse Code: Do

These were our suggestions for ten things to do related to ‘Morse Code’.

  1. Download a morse code app for your phone and use to send and translate morse code messages.
1. Morse Code App

2. Visit Telegraph Museum, Porthcurno, UK

3. Make (or buy) art inspired by Morse Code such as Cissy Cook’s

morse art

4. Visit Oxford, home of Inspector Morse, and do a Morse-related walking tour


5. Buy and use a Morse Code Key

morse code

6. Visit Ray King’s Morse Code garage in Palo Alto, California

morse garage

7. Play ‘Morse’ themed computer game (or similar computer game)

Morse game

8. Wear Morse Code themed clothes or jewellery

morse jewellery

9. Visit Locust Grove, Poughkeepsie, NY (the Samuel F.B. Morse House)

Morse house

10. Visit Samuel Morse’s blue plaque at 141 Cleveland Street, Westminster, London

Morse plaque

Morse Code: Learn

These were our suggestions for ten things to learn related to ‘Morse Code’.

1. Learn the Morse Code using mnemonics

Morse mnemonics

2. What’s a simple diagram that can help me learn morse code?

morse diagram

3. What hidden morse code messages are there in popular music?

morse music

4. Who famously spelled out T-O-R-T-U-R-E by blinking on a propaganda video?

Denton morse

5. How did someone use Morse Code to cheat in one of Italu’s most important chess tournaments?

chess morse

6. How is the martian ‘morse code’ formed?

Morse mars

7. What inspired Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novels?

Inspector Morse

8. What morse code messages were sent from the Titanic?

Morse Titanic

9. If Samuel Morse was a painter, how did he invent Morse Code?

S Morse art

10. What connects Beethoven’s 5th and morse code?

Morse beethoven

Morse Code: Listen

These were our suggestions for ten things to listen to related to ‘Morse Code’.

Morse Code – Holl & Rush

4. Morse Code of Love – The Capris

7. Morse Code – Macrame Owls

10. Morse Code – Greggi G

2. Morse Code – Red Emery

5.  Theme to Inspector Morse – Barrington Pheleung

8. Blinking lights – Eels

3. Western Union – 5 Americans

6. Radioactivity – Kraftwerk

9. Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell