Idiosyncrasies: Do

These were our suggestions for ten things to do related to ‘Idiosyncrasies’.

1. Get to know your own idiosyncrasies and others’ around you


2. Draw your own idiosyncratic character


3. Visit the Museum of Eccentricities in Akhzivland


4. Create your own Steampunk character for yourself to impersonate


5. Shop for a new eccentric outfit


6. Visit/Stay on one of Shoreham’s House boats


7.  Eat from Dali’s surreal cookbook ‘Les Dinas de Gala


8.  Play with the ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ cards


9. Drop in on a ‘Cosplay’ meetup group


10. Find an alternative community near you to watch and perhaps participate in!


Idiosyncrasies: Learn

These were our suggestions for ten things to learn related to ‘Idiosyncrasies’.

2. Where can I explore the most bizarre and eccentric places to visit in the world?

dolls atlas

3. What are the some cultural idiosynacrasies of Brazil, Australia, Japan… and more?

a japan

4. What is outsider art and why is it so idiosyncratic?


5. What surprising idiosyncrasies did Einstein and other geniuses have?

a einstein

6.  Where can I enjoy a festival of dwyle flunking, worm charming or bog snorkelling?


7. Who are the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas?

a idiooio

9. What are some odd celebrity quirks I may not have noticed?


10. Can I see some really idiosyncratic house architecture?


Idiosyncrasies: Listen

These were our suggestions for ten things to listen to related to ‘Idiosyncrasies’.

  1. Idiosyncrasies – Lindsay Thomas Morgan

4. Idiosyncrasies – Christopher Eugene Grillo

7. Idiosyncrasy – Mike Surratt

10. People are Strange – The Doors

2. Idiosyncrasy – Adrian Roye

5. Idiosyncrasies – Matt Hernandez

8. Idiosyncratic – Symmetry

3. Idiosyncrasies – Thom Manno and the Remedies

6. Idiosyncrasies – Aurah

9. Idiosyncrasies of the Resolute – Tristan Klopet