Freedom: Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to ‘Freedom.’ Share your suggestions below…

Freedom to Marry

A moving and inspiring testament to the individuals who have made history. Also, a reminder to stick to your values and persevere to create the type of freedom you want to see in the world.

America’s ‘Freedom’ – Jim Jefferies

A random find just by typing in ‘Freedom comedy’ into YouTube. Great comedian! A bit like Bill Hicks – hilarious, astounded by the stupidity in the world and super-wise…

David Hasselhoff singing for freedom – Berlin Wall 1989

Who realised Hasselhoff helped reunite Germany singing ‘Looking for Freedom’ on a cherry picker in a jacket covered in light bulbs?  Also, he nearly got hit by a rocket (1.52)

Escape from Alcatraz

We wanted to watch a prison break and we’d never seen this. A bit like Shawshank Redemption, not quite as good, but tense, well-acted and fascinating that it’s a true story

What does Freedom look like?

Lovely little BBC news item with images and soundbites from people who sent in their photos for what ‘freedom’ meant to them. Quite moving…

Futurama: A Taste of Freedom

The idea of freedom is stated from the outset of this episode, and treated with its own wacky satirical way that makes Futurama such a cult hit.  This was our first, and probably not our last, venture to New York in the 31st Century.

Freedom: Listen

Here are the things we are listening to related to ‘Freedom.’ Share your suggestions below…

Free as a Bird – The Beatles

The first ‘freedom’ song that came to mind for both of us: ‘Free as a Bird’ captures freedom brilliantly, both modern and vintage in sound and the video is a free-your-mind trip around the Beatle-Universe

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Feeling free to choose a place to have an evening drink, we chose The Richmond in Brighton for the first time.  ‘Free Bird’ came on as we stood at the bar: it fitted perfectly with the backpacking vibe, evening sun and free live gig about to happen…

Wild & Free – Lena

A wild little song we put on to accompany the freedom of Squeaky Soo and Moogie (our guinea pigs) as they roamed wild, free and happy amongst the long grass in the garden.

Think – Aretha Franklin

We were having a coffee in Ground in Kemptown and this came on. Skip to 0.40 and 1.40 for the amazing ‘Freedom’ bits… Adua and baristas were all singing along 🙂

Looking for Freedom – David Hasselhoff

We strolled through Kemptown (our ‘hood) looking for a local pint of Freedom beer. Listening to the silly rhyming couplets in this Hoff song, we searched… see Experience for the results!

The Byrds – Chimes of Freedom

Listened to a few new freedom songs including this one  in Alexandra’s garden whilst sampling ‘Freedom’ cocktails…

Free – All right now

This song came recommended by Lucy, just as Josh was thinking about the band earlier that day.  A great song with a nostalgic touch for any who remember the open road advert this song accompanied.

Tom Petty – Free Fallin’

Listened to this song as we watched Dora zoom down Brighton’s new zip wire after experiencing this ‘free fall’ ourselves.

Freedom: Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Freedom.’ Share your suggestions below…

A ‘Freedom Adventure’ in Brighton

We went on a Freedom adventure  on 22nd July 2017. Tasting, experiencing, seeing and listening to Freedom at Fabrica, Bright Helm Gardens, North Laine and the Earth and Stars in Brighton.

Free the Pigs!

We took Squeaky Soo & Moogie (our guinea pigs) into the garden for a feeling of freedom. Sunshine, fresh air and a proper run amongst tall grass: so great to see them happy and popcorny!


Freedom cafe, Withdean sport complex

The smoothie is groovy: a broccoli beast or “5” fruit feast… and watching the wandering fit, we feel free to simply sit and stare at the bikes, balls and bits


Freedom from Screens

We went camping and turned phones off, stopped Googling things, basically disconnected from technology and got free from screens.  


Freedom Beer Synchronicity!

We wandered out to find a local pint of Freedom beer. Little did we know that the first Freedom  brewery beer tasting ever in Brighton was being held at Bloc by the lovely Bob and Andy!

Creating Freedom

We read this fabulous book that helps us see how unfree the world is and one of the ways to live freely is to get clear about our inner core values and then live a life that aligns with those. Click for more tips.


Free falling on zip wire

We saw this new attraction preparing to open and were able to experience another kind of freedom above Brighton’s beach on the new zip wire.

A freedom swim

We twice went on Brighton’s nudist beach and had a wonderful skinny dip, free from any garments or goggles!


Freedom: Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Freedom.’ Share your suggestions below…

Freedom pie

We made this little pie of patriotism from scratch: it was savoured and shared with both English and American friends, on what better day than 4th July. Check out the recipe here.

20170703_204928 (1)

Freedom Beer

This is meant to be delicious and organic. We’re on the hunt for a pint of Freedom on draught this month…


‘Freedom’ Cocktail

Alexandra supplied the grenadine and rum, we supplied the blue curacao and Victoria and Sam provided the snacks! A fantastic freedom cocktail party even if the cocktail itself is a bit sweet. Click here for recipe.

‘Free Silver’ Cocktail

We also tried this. Unfortunately, milk, lemon juice, gin and soda water don’t make a very nice concoction at all and doesn’t look remotely silver. Click for recipe but be warned.


Free MOD pizza giveaways

Twice in the month of Freedom, the local MOD pizza at Brighton marina decided to give away free pizzas over lunchtime.  What a great way of introducing MOD novices to the art of stacking up as much as you want on a pizza base, and all for free makes it taste a little sweeter.


‘Free From’ Rocky Road

This dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar free rocky road was one of the ‘free from’ foods we had this month and by far the best and we enjoyed it round the campfire at Jen and Ben’s wedding. Well done Claire for the deliciousness! Click for similar recipe.