Flags: Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to ‘Flags’. Please share your suggestions below…

The Flag (2016)

V for Vendetta

Understand the meanings behind certain flags

A short documentary explaining why certain flags use certain colours and the symbolism behind motifs, shapes and patterns.

Big Bang Theory’s ‘Fun with Flags’

Flags: Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Flags. Please share your suggestions below…

Flag making fun

We had a great evening at Molly Malone’s to create our own individual flags to represent who we are.  Flag music, snacks, blank flags and colours were provided. Each theme will have a meetup like this

Learn all the Flags

There’s a free app called Memrise that helps you learn every nation’s flags and we also love playing the ‘Flags of the World’ quiz on Sporcle.

sporcle flags

Find a pub with ‘Flag’ in the name

Check out a local pub or cafe with the word ‘Flag’ in the title.  There are a couple in London – this one we found in a tiny backstreet of Covent Garden.

Embassy Flags

Wy not visit a couple of embassies while you’re in the capital and see if you can spot their flag flying above the building.  Can anyone guess the country attached to this flag/embassy near Willesden Green…?

Follow the Flag

When wandering around a town, city or village, notice a buildings that have flags flying outside and go inside. We did this with Bishopsgate Institute in London and discovered a beautiful new library space to hang out in as well as finding new cafes, shops and pubs…

Fly your Values in a Flag

Like these committed vegan campaigners we met in London, join a march or protest to spread awareness of things that are important to you and help shape the world you live in. Prepare in advance by designing and making your flag, then wave it with pride.


Choose your Favourite World Flag

There are 197 current national flags. Although there’s quite a few standard ‘3 stripes’ flags in the style of France or Italy, there are loads of fascinating, imaginative and downright gorgeous flags out there. By the end of the month, decide your favourite. 


Flags in a Church

Sometimes you find flags in unlikely places – especially your own (Canadian) flag when visiting a church in a small, Sussex village (this one in West Dean). Next time you’re in a different place, do see if you can spot a flag


Flags: Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Flags’. Please share your suggestions below…

Make a flag meal out of a nation’s cuisine

There are 18 different nationalities to choose, from South Korean kimbap to Turkish delights…


Bangladesh bounty

It’s easy to create a flag out of simple ingredients from your kitchen: this is the Bangladesh flag made from green pesto pasta/spinach base and a half tomato filled with chorizo and ginger!


A Spanish Supper

A simple meal to represent the Spanish flag, using curry powder to yellow the rice, chorizo and a mix of tomatoes and vegetables for the country’s motif.


Canadian Sweet & Savoury Flags

You can have a go at creating both sweet (try strawberries and cream) and savoury (red pepper and tomatoes mix on mozzarella) meals to represent the Canadian flag (cooked on a pastry ‘flag’ base).  

Let us know which is the winner!

Flag of Guyanan Greatness

A delicious blend of pesto pasta, crispy kale, halloumi  and prawns and tomatoes carved into three intersecting triangles that represents the flag of Guyana.


Flag cocktails

With the aid of grenadine (for red) blue caraco (blue) melon Midori liquor (green) advocat (yellow) cream (white) and coffee (black) you can create a triband flag (but be careful to use the back of a spoon as you pour the liquid in, to ensure the colours separate properly!


Flags: Listen

Here are the things we are listening to related to ‘Flags’. Please share your suggestions below…

Wavin’ Flag – K’naan

After searching flag songs, this catchy one immediately grabbed us.

Flag Day -The Housemartins

If you’re going on a search for different flags in your local area, this song is the perfect accompaniment! 

What’s left of the flag – Flogging Molly

A cute Irish ditty that led us to the downstairs room of Molly Malones pub on West Street – a perfect location for our ‘Flag making’ event later this month…

The Flag – Barenaked Ladies

As our Canadian friend Melissa was down to visit, she recommended this Canadian band to listen to.  Lo and behold, they have a flag song..!

Iko Iko – Dixie Cups

This one got us dancing in the kitchen! A golden oldie with a curious title and something to do with flag boys and setting flags on fire…

White Flag – Dido

It’s easy to spend a chunk of your evening dissecting the lyrics to this well-known anthem, and still come out none the wiser.  Still, a classic flag song.