Cosy – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to ‘Cosiness‘.  Please share your suggestions on the app!

Tea Cosy – Clifford T. Ward

♫…I love the way you write your letters and explain the garden’s overgrown…♫

Cozy – Jacob Satorius

♫…And turn the lights low, fireplace on let it go on and on and on….♫

Na Na Na – Cozy Powell

♫…You’re a wizard of Wembley Central.  You’re the J. S. Bach of Belsize park…♫

Cosiness  – Zampone

♫…there are places in the city personifying cosiness…♫

Cosy in the Rocket – Psapp

♫…Come, come, fly into my palm, and collapse….♫

Give me a Cosy Little Corner – Ernest Pike

♫…Give me an evening in the twilight with the pale moon above…♫

Cosiness we seek – Clifford T. Ward

♫…the language that you speak, you found that it is not mine…♫

Cosy Inn – Slim Dusty

♫…There’s a place I know where the lovers all go almost ev’ry night….♫

Cosy Corner Blues

♫…I look inside my head, and hear you see the din…♫

Cosy – Watch

Here are the things you could listen to related to ‘Cosiness‘.  Please share your suggestions on the app!

Cosy Cool

🎬…”I’m Cosy” … “Spelt S-H-I-T?”…🎬

Waters of the Moon

🎬…”Tell me, that rather cross-looking girl who brought the bed-clothes in, was that Mrs Harding’s daiughter?”…🎬

Anne of Green Gables

🎬…I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers…🎬

Finding Hygge

🎬…”It’s been called cocoa by candlelight, it’s been called the art of everyday happiness”…🎬

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

🎬…Edmund felt much better as he began to sip the hot drink. It was something he had never tasted before, very sweet and foamy and creamy, and it warmed him right down to his toes…🎬


🎬…“We’re going to do “Cosi Fan Tutte”, the opera.” “What, Little Richard wrote an opera? Tutti Frutti the opera?“…🎬


🎬…I thought you’d never guess. My favourite – hot chocolate….🎬

Snug as a Bug

🎬…Stick him in the car, run his round for a quick looks, out of tops we’re done…🎬

Cosy – Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘Cosiness’. Please share your suggestions on the app…

A Cosy Extravaganza

On Saturday 10th November, we will meet at the Cosy Cottage on London Road at 2pm. We can have a hot cosy drink, chat about cosiness, and for those who want to continue, we’ll vote on the cosiest place in Brighton to visit for a drink later on…


Get Hygge

This is cosiness taken to a new level – it encompasses that lovely feeling of enjoying candles and cocoa while the rain and snow falls… but is also about connection with people and the elements, about appreciating the moment, about transcending the mundane… Meik Wiking’s book is our textbook for the month.


Wrap up and read

This is the age of spending our evenings looking at one big screen while repetitively glacing at a smaller one… take a break from that and revert to the wonderful simple and cosy pleasure of getting immersed in a good book


Learn to be ‘päntsdrunk’

Last year, everyone wanted to be Hygge.  Now, with a Cosy November upon us, why not learn the Finnish art of ‘päntsdrunk‘ – drinking at home, alone in your underwear.  Maybe this new way of relaxing is a great way to unwind and feel some cosiness.


Rate a place for cosiness

Our criteria for a cosy place are below. Use these or your own (see here for other ideas) and rate cafes, pubs or homes to see if they score 5 out of 5!

  1. An open fire (or at least candles)
  2. Warmer
  3. A feeling of being enclosed
  4. All needs are met (safety, food and drink, entertained etc.)
  5. Warm-coloured soft furnishings

Wrap Up

Who cares what you look like as long as you are cosy? Go for it with the thickest, hugest scarf you can find, and extra layers and  padding and thermal underwear and…


Find a Fireplace

Now’s the time to investigate where a good, local fireplace exists – whether it be in a cosy tavern, cafe or round a mate’s house.  And if you can’t find one – build your own!  Nothing feels cosier than pulling a chair up infront of the fire and watching the flames flicker.



Nothing feels better and more cosy for your body than to get a good night’s sleep. So why not turn in an hour or two earlier tonight and give your body (and mind) a real treat.


Cosy – Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘Cosiness‘. Please share your suggestions on the app!

Baked Portobello Mushroom Lasagne

As the website suggests, these baked dinners are something to eat on your pjs and hiply feel warm and full on a cold winter’s night.  Check out the Portobello mushroom lasagne as a cosy example.



Hot Toddy

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, get home, get into your pyjamas and make yourself this nice toasty honey & alcohol drink to watch with a film….



What could be more cosy than sinking your teeth into a short crust or creamy, potatoey pie?  Whether it’s a traditional steak & kidney or something more exotic or wild, the deep filling of any pie is sure to make you feel all warm and cosy inside.


Pigs in Blankets

Just the very name of this side snack evokes a snuggly, cosy image of a ‘pig’ (sausage, or tofu if veggie) in a ‘blanket’ (wrapped in bacon, or any vegetable leaf) that completes many a cosy winter dinner dish.


Snuggle Loaf

A warm and sweet bready treat. Rip hunks off this and dip in the tea infused cocoa.


Tea-Infused Cocoa

Any hot chocolately drink will be perfect this month, but we’re going to try out this hybrid of cocoa and tea…


Strange Brew Cocktail

Invented on a chilly, autumn evening, this Strange Brew mixes Earl Grey tea, Coffee syrup, Gin and Creme de Cassis with a triangle of chocolate and sprinkle of pomegranates to make you feel cosy any day of the year.


Chocolate sprinkles on a Coco Cushion

Another invented cocktail made of Glayva, Creme de Cacao, Pumpkin spiced Baileys and coco sprinkles.  Enjoy!