China – Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to ‘China’. Please share your suggestions below…

Get your chinas round for a Chinese Takeway

On Thursday 19th April Josh and Adam are hosting a screening of Chinatown with a bunch of new and old china plates (mates). We’ll all order our favouite Chinese meal and maybe drink some Tsingtsao


Visit the local Chinese restaurant

Why not visit your local Chinese restaurant (reading reviews or friends’ referrals recommended!) and sample a feast from dim sum to some crispy duck perhaps.


Consult the I Ching

An ancient Chinese divination tool to help you discover hidden knowledge, that can be consulted using just three coins and the internet.


Do the Wild Goose (and other Qi Gong moves)

Calming, energising and nourishing, Qi Gong is a wonderful and easy-to-pick up exercise. You repeat simple movements in time with your breathing, such as ‘Flying Wild Goose’, ‘Pushing the Wave’ or ‘Cloudwalking’.


Invest in china crockery

If your kitchen crockery is full of odds and ends, maybe this is the time to invest in some serious china for your next high tea party… Here’s a guide as to what different china is out there to suit you.


Visit a Chinese pagoda

Chinese pagodas are a wonder to visit – both on the outside and in.  There may not be any temples or pagodas in your local area, but London’s Kew gardens does have one if you can get there.


Find a panda

Whether it be a miniature toy, stationary or even the real thing (in Belgium and Edinburgh zoos) the panda is quintessentially Chinese – and an animal that is both endearing and funny when throwing bamboo all over itself.


Visit Delft or Wedgwood for china pottery

There are certain epicentres where china pottery and ceramics are made, from Wedgwood in the UK to Delft in Holland.  Both are good reasons for a mini-break and chance to upgrade your kitchenware to something more refined, perhaps.


China – Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to ‘China‘.  Please share your suggestions below…

China in your Hand – T’Pau

♫…It was a theme she had on a scheme she had, told in a foreign land…♫

Great Wall of China

♫…We could’ve gone all the way to the Great Wall of China, If you only had a little more faith in me …♫

 Visions of China – Japan

♫…Cling to me, we are blacked out, in visions of China tonight…♫

China Heart – Sophie Ellie-Bextor

♫…Here I am, all alone, come see the girl with the china heart…♫

China Bird – Patti Smith

♫…The world turn, the flame burns, bright and true …♫

China Shoes – Blondie

♫…Cheap china shoes, tight on my feet, all man-made fabric, worn out and beat…♫

Chinese Radio – London Boys

♫…Happy Shanghai girls, like a pretty string of pearls…♫

Queen of Chinatown – Amanda Lear

♫…It was down in Chinatown that I met the opium Queen.  Babyface girl from Shanghai never smile and never cry…♫

China – Tori Amos

♫…China decorates our table.  Funny how the cracks don’t seem to show…♫

China Girl – David Bowie

♫… hear her heart’s beating, loud as thunder, saw the stars crashing down…♫

Plum Blossom Princess Shoyang – Shi Zhi-You

♫…*instrumental*…♫ A lovely peaceful melody conjuring up images of doing tai-chi in a bamboo cloud forest surrounded by pandas

Teahouse in Chinatown – The Four Tops

♫…On a foggy day in ‘Frisco bay I stopped to eat at a little oriental shop…♫

China – Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to ‘China‘. Please share your suggestions below…

Chinese dumplings

There’s nothing more Chinese, or more delicious than a hot, juicy dumpling.  Great if you can pick them up from a dedicated cook in a local market stall – or how about making some yourself?


1,000 Year Old Eggs

Perfect for an Easter treat! These eggs, dating back to the Ming dynasty in China. have been preserved until the yolk turns black’n’blue and the white goes amber.


Fortune Cookies

Combining a simple fortune with a crispy cookie is China’s answer to the modern day Kinder egg.  Cracked apart after diner, there’s nothing more cheesy or Chinese than seeing what your fortune holds in a twee little line…


Dim sum

If you haven’t tried this array of Chinese dishes known as ‘dim sum‘ (trans bite-sized snacks) is well worth trying at a local Chinese restaurant as the variety makes the meal an original experience – there will be something for everyone!


Oolong Tea

Go beyond builders’ this month and enjoy the rich complexity of a fine oolong tea. If drunk in a traditional tea ceremony, our of your best china, all the better.


Chon Yo Bing (Green Onion Pancake)

Absolutely and unforgetabbly delicious when you make/have a good one, these taste both fresh and oily at the same time, and are perfect for mopping up sauces or dipping in crushed Szechuan peppercorns…

spring inion


The juicy perfumey little blobs are delicious as they are, in a juice, and as a liquer in a cocktail.


Chow Mein

The familiar one has chicken + a mixtures of many vegetables, sauces and flavours. Go traditional or be creative (we put loads of pomegranate seeds in ours and it was lovely).