Blue Listen

Here are the things you could listen to related to the colour ‘Blue‘.  Please share your suggestions below…

Blue Sky – Cazzette feat. Laleh

♫…Lifetime waiting, getting busy with the numbers.  Suddenly the blue sky’s gone…♫

Blue – Marina & The Diamonds

♫…Something good and true.  I don’t wanna feel blue anymore (Blue)…♫

Jackie Blue – Ozark Mountain Daredevils

♫…Ooh, Jackie Blue.  Lives her life from inside of her room…♫

Blue Moon – Cowboy Junkies

♫…Now I’m no longer alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own…♫

Blue – Joni Mitchell

♫…crown and anchor me or let me sail away, hey Blue…♫

International Blue – Manic Street Preachers

♫…the little boy who saw the truth, he left us with international blue…♫

Johnny Blue – Lena Valaitis

♫…And he painted colours with his music, and forgot all his pain…♫

True Blue – Madonna

♫…Your heart fits me like a glove, and I’m gonna be true blue baby I love you…♫

Blue Savannah – Erasure

♫…Somewhere ‘cross the desert, sometime in the early hour.  To the orange side, through the clouds and thunder…♫

The Blue Sky is Blue like Blue Bubblegum – Dawud Wharmsby

♫…let’s have a dish of applesauce and tumble in the yard…♫

Big Blue Dress – Cranius

♫…why must I ask, as it doesn’t make much sense, that a man of my stature must have to wear a dress…♫

Deeper Shade of Blue – Steps

♫…into each life, some rain must fall. I did not know, I’d catch it all…♫

Crystal Blue Persuasion

♫…a new day is coming, people are changing, ain’t it beautiful?…♫

Song Sung Blue – Neil Diamond

♫…when you take the blues and make a song, you sing them out again…♫

Blues Song – Mint Royale

♫…right through my head, I ain’t got the blues no more I said…♫

Blue Watch

Here are the things we are watching related to the colour ‘Blue’. Please share your suggestions below…

Betty Blue

🎬…I had known Betty for a week. We screwed every night. The forecast was for storms….🎬

Trois Couleurs: Bleu

🎬…Now I have only one thing left to do: nothing. I don’t want any belongings, any memories. No friends, no love. Those are all traps.…🎬

The Big Blue

🎬…You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence…..🎬

Blue Velvet


🎬…And I still can see Blue Velvet through my tears…🎬

Blue Jasmine

🎬…Who do you have to sleep with around here to get a Stoli martini with a twist of lemon…? 🎬

SuRie in a blue dress wins Eurovision Qualifier

🎬…I think I delivered an emotional connection…building to the pop party we all need…!🎬

Blue Planet

🎬if the trevally are to catch one now, they have to up their game…🎬

Blue Jay

🎬…famous love birds, and you’re still together…🎬

Blues Brothers

🎬…we’re on a mission from God…🎬

Blue Peter

🎬…here’s one we made earlier…🎬

Blue Experience

Here are the things we are experiencing related to the colour ‘Blue’. Please share your suggestions below…

A Night at The Blue Man, Brighton

Our Life Theming social this month is going The Blue Man pub/restaurant, dressed in your favourite blue outfit!  We’ll play ‘Blue’ games,  share our Blue experiences and maybe even a dance… Meet at 7.30pm at The Blue Man on Thursday 22nd February.


Blue Photography

Having play-days with a camera can be so much fun: by picking a colour and taking photographs only of objects, architecture and all detail in-between of that colour can really boost a love of taking photograpahs.  What better colour to pick than blue? (see no5 on website).


Find your nearest Blue Plaque

Commemorating some amazing people, our blue plaques are a reminder of our heritage and a nudge to do a bit of research into the past locals of our area. 


A Shade a Day

Spend the month being mindful of all the subtle varieties of blue, from rich, deep indigo to pale periwinkle, there’s a smorgasboard of blue surrounding us… 

blue shades

Yves Klein Blue Art

Why jot get lost in a piece of Klein’s blue artwork?  Exhibited in museums and galleries all around the world, there’s probably a spot of blue just waiting for you to dive your eyes into…


Wear blue clothing

Surely we all have an odd blue hat hanging in the wardrobe, some sapphire shirt sitting on a shelf and a pair of periwinkle pants folded within a neat pile in the corner of the room?  Now’s the time to wear ’em all, or an excuse to go out and shop for a new blue outfit to dazzle at your next dinner date.


Blue novels

There are plenty of novels and books with ‘blue’ in the title, and if you’re in search for a new title, ‘Sheer Blue Bliss‘ is a good place to start…


Beat the Blues

Winter can be a hard time, and the blues can affect us all.  There are plenty of websites giving tips on how to beat the blue feelings this month.


Visit (or plan to) Chefchaouen

A whole town painted different shades of blue in the mountains of Morocco – looks like stepping into a dream….


Go to Blue Town, Kent

A compact and fascinating historic area on the Isle of Sheppey. It’s under the tourist radar too, so you’ll find it practically deserted!


Blue Taste

Here are the things we are tasting related to the colour ‘Blue‘. Please share your suggestions below…

Mac n Blue Cheese

A little blue twist to a cheesy pasta favourite, this Mac n Blue dish is a perfect winter warmer.


Blueberry Milkshake

Healthy, fruity and blueish, why not turn your milk blue and shake it up a little following this blueberry milkshake recipe.


Blue Curaçao / Blue Lagoon cocktail

Why not turn your cocktail blue this month with the help of blue curaçao and some other ingredients.  Blue lagoon may seem an obvious choice, but it’s a good place to start….


Blue Tortilla Chips and Roquamole

Indigo chips dipped into Nigella’s blue cheesy version of guacamole .

blue chips

Blue Sheese

All the taste of blue cheese (maybe that’s debatable…) and 100% dairy-free

blue sheese

Blue Moon beer

A refreshing and delicious ale, topped with a slice of orange can brighten up any dull February day.


Cookie Monster Cupcakes

A blue, furry, cookie-stuffed treat with those adorable googly eyes.


Blue Surf Cake

Spirulina makes this raw, dairy-free cake a beautiful blue hue…